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Every year, over 300 people die and over 6,000 are injured in New York as a direct result of alcohol-related crashes. Over 25 percent of those crashes involve a driver who has three or more drunk driving convictions. The problem is serious, and New York officials have issued new regulations to address the problem.

Under the new rules, the Department of Motor vehicles in that state will review the lifetime records of drivers seeking reinstatement after a license revocation and will deny those that have five or more alcohol- or drug-related driving convictions. In addition, the New York DMV will deny relicensing to those with three or more such convictions and a minimum of one serious driving offense within the last 25 years.

The new rules are a change from the old policy, under which drivers who had their licenses revoked or suspended for six months or a year could regain privileges in seven weeks by completing an education program.

In Texas, first-time offenders can have their driver license suspended for 90 days to one year's time. A second and third offense can result in a suspension of 180 days to two years. So, repeat DUI offenders in this state do not have to deal with permanent revocation of their license. Nevertheless, this is not to underestimate the challenges of having a driver license suspended for significant periods of time.

License suspension is only one of the consequences of DUI conviction, and those facing DUI charges do well to build a solid defense early in the criminal process.

Source: Fox News, "NY won't relicense repeat drunk drivers," September 26, 2012

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