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Texas college rape claims may not be properly investigated

According to a study by the Association of American Universities, it is estimated that more than one in every five female undergraduate students at colleges or universities will be a victim of sexual assault or sexual misconduct. The study included responses from more than 150,000 students.

This number is undoubtedly alarming, and what potentially makes things worse is that investigators may not be properly trained when called in to investigate reported incidents. At all Texas colleges and universities, following a report, it is required that the school appoint a Title IX coordinator at each school to investigate incidents.

DWI accidents rise dramatically after Super Bowl parties

Watching the Super Bowl while enjoying a beverage and some snacks is an activity that many Americans participate in. However, along with enjoyment comes a potential danger if poor decisions are made. No matter if the team a person is cheering for wins or loses, driving after having too many alcoholic beverages is never a good idea, as it can endanger not only the driver but other drivers on the road as well.

It has long been rumored that the Monday after the Super Bowl is the most common day of the year for people to call off of work. It isn't difficult to figure out why, due to the number of Super Bowl parties that take place throughout the country. For NFL fans, the season, beginning since the week following Labor Day, will finally come to a conclusion. But even non-football fans enjoy the parties for the social aspects, the halftime show and the commercials; for fans of the sport, the game is often one of the best games of the year.

Alleged robbery leads to arrest of seven in Highland Park

Early in the morning on Monday, January 18, seven suspects allegedly drove a minivan through a store's front window and raided a Chanel store, collecting approximately 45 handbags valued at least at $2,000 apiece and some up to $15,000 apiece, as well as one $1,400 pair of women's shoes. Police report that five of the suspects are adults, two are juveniles.

An off-duty officer noticed the break in and reported it to police. This led to multiple chases, with some suspects reportedly leaving the scene in a vehicle with others reportedly hiding in a nearby backyard. The homeowners found their fireplace broken, as well as evidence of the stolen materials at their home, including two garbage bags full of stolen merchandise. They then called the police to report it. The two men were apprehended at the scene. Police were also searching nearby yards and homes to look for more evidence of stolen materials.

The potential consequences of white collar crimes

When people think of criminals serving significant time in prison, many assume the crimes were based on violent, sex or drug charges. While it is true that many people are in prison for such crimes, it is also important to understand that white collar crimes may also lead to significant prison time and other serious penalties.

White collar crimes include but are not limited to: investment and security fraud; embezzlement; and computer crimes. Computer crimes are still a relatively new and ever-evolving form of crime. The internet has only been available to the general public for about 20 to 25 years, but as technology improves and more people own computers and have more access to the internet with faster connection speeds, it has led to a significant increase in computer crimes.

Fighting DWI and other charges in the new year

New Year's Eve and the parties associated with this year-end party have come and gone, but if you or someone you know was arrested on a drunk driving charge that night, the new year is probably not off to a great start. Texas has some of the most severe penalties in the nation for drunk driving, including fines, jail time, a license revocation and even the installation of an ignition interlock device on your car, at your expense. In addition, DWI convictions cannot be expunged, which could lead to additional hurdles down the line for years to come, affecting employment, family relationships and other common freedoms.

If you've been arrested for DWI, there are some steps that may help protect you and spare you from these penalties, including researching the evidence to determine whether an illegal police procedure occurred, questioning the legitimacy of blood or field sobriety tests, attacking the legitimacy of the police stop, trying to suppress evidence or even seeking a plea to a lesser offense or seeking treatment or alternative options.

Lawsuit could pave the way for ending bail bonds

A new lawsuit in San Francisco, California, could spark a national change in how courts deal with and issue bail bonds for suspects being held in custody while awaiting trial. Currently, for serious crimes, the judge may consider the suspect to be at risk of not appearing at future mandatory hearings and may have a bail hearing to determine a bail amount. Once bail is set, the suspect must post the bail amount or a percentage to the court either from the suspect's finances, or often through a bail bond agent.

The class action lawsuit filed in San Francisco alleges that bail systems do not treat poor and wealthy suspects the same, and county jails often require bail for minor non-violent crimes as opposed to the federal systems, which generally releases non-violent suspects and does not issue bail for violent or serious offenses.

Sexual assault is reportedly all too common in the United States

Sexual assault is reportedly a commonly overlooked and underreported crime in the United States. Generally speaking, any form of unwanted or offensive sexual touching can be considered sexual assault. The assault generally occurs through the use of coercion or force. It may also apply to someone who is incapacitated, either by physical or mental disabilities. It is also applicable to someone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, whether taken willingly or unwillingly, such as a "date rape" pill.

Sexual assault may also occur to married couples. Yes, it is possible to rape or be raped by a spouse, and many states remove the exemption for spousal assaults, removing "marriage as a defense" from the charge and by creating separate state laws to include sexual assault of a spouse.

Drunk driver knocks down sign, closes Highway 80 near Terrell

Despite very serious penalties including fines and possible jail time, driving while intoxicated, or DWI, is still a danger to innocent drivers on the roads. On a recent Friday at approximately 2:30am, an allegedly intoxicated driver crashed into an overhead sign on U.S. Highway 80, knocking down the sign and closing traffic on the highway for hours.

The driver in a Dodge Durango hit a support in the center median of the highway, collapsing the sign onto the lanes on the eastbound side. Removing the sign required a highway crew to use a crane early in the morning. The sign was removed by 5:30 that morning.

Murder convict helps other fight for freedom

Unfortunately, some things in life are not fair. But in the United States judicial system, fairness and justness should stand above all else. But the judicial system is run by humans, and humans make errors. Humans have motives. Humans do not always behave humanely.

Christopher Scott's story is one that involves all of these human frailties, but it also involves hope. It is a story that shows that justice can still prevail, even after a wrongful conviction. Scott's story is not necessarily unique, but it is worthy of sharing.

What you need to know about Texas RICO laws

Racketeering involves an illegal act committed through organized crime. These crimes are acknowledged by both Texas state and federal law. Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organization laws, or RICO, are in place to prevent criminal organizations, such as the mob or drug cartels, from profiting from other legitimate businesses at the expense of other people and businesses, often called extortion.

Sentences and penalties for racketeering and RICO offenses are not only severe, but are further enhanced beyond what the typical charge would be. What does this mean? It means that if the offense involved organized criminal activity, the charge will be enhanced, leading to even stronger potential penalties.